Comparison of ScotteVest: Jackets & Vests, Hoodies & Pullovers, Shirts & T-shirts, Pants & Accessories

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Comparison of ScotteVest: Jackets & Vests, Hoodies & Pullovers, Shirts & T-shirts, Pants & Accessories

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How warm is this ScotteVest?

TEC_SeV-logo_white Originally posted on warm is this ScotteVest?

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Oniqlo Airism Dry Stretch Boxer Briefs

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These boxers are made with light-as-air microfiber enhanced with quick-drying and deodorizing properties for all-day comfort. AIRism fabric keeps you feeling refreshed even in hot weather.

Stretches to fit for ultimate comfort. Features an elastic waistband for a secure fit.


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The best men’s underwear in the universe are only $13

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As many of you know, I am an insatiable gear junkie whose standards can never be reached with anything short of exquisite perfection. You’d think the reason for my constant dissatisfaction would be my unreasonably high expectations, but the real problem that constantly shoves thorns into my sides is the failure of oh-so-many gear companies to achieve even tolerable mediocrity. And the most excruciating problem in this regard has been the inexorable search for the world’s best underwear.

You’d think that this sort of problem could be rather easily solved, as men have been wearing underwear of one sort or another for hundreds of thousands of years, but, sadly, humanity had yet to implement a widespread solution to this childishly simple challenge that was to my satisfaction.

I have already detailed the ridiculous ordeal of finding ideal travel underwear, which is a ludicrous hamster wheel of $30 failures arriving one after another, which has sapped my vitality and broken my spirit in ways that would make mothers weep.

But no longer. The search is over, for I hath discovered The One. The Holy Grail of underthings, the El Dorado of unmentionables. The best men’s underwear in the universe.

For only $13.



Ooooh. Ahhhh.

They are the Uniqlo Airism boxer brief, and I am ready to buy a dozen of them, rid myself of all other underwear in a fiery conflagration of spiteful disdain, and never bother with any other underwear ever again.

Be happy for me.

What the best (men’s) underwear must achieve

I don’t see what’s so difficult about all this, but somehow everyone on the planet seems to fail miserably at a frequency of 100%. It’s incomprehensibly annoying. But this is all you’d need for the world’s best underwear:

  • Boxer brief. It’s the most sensible combination of immobilization and socially acceptable appearance.
  • Snug fit. Tight enough to stay in place, but forgiving enough that you forget it’s there.
  • Silky smooth. A frictionless fabric would prevent a pair of pants from pulling your underwear around all day.
  • Properly shaped front panel. We’re men, after all.
  • Ordinary appearance. If I’m not on the advertising department payroll, then I’m not advertising for you.
  • Comfy fabric. I generally prefer quick-drying synthetic fabrics because I enjoy traveling, but comfy and absorbent natural fabrics have their place too. Having both options would be ideal.

So what makes these the best men’s underwear?

I could very well cut this short right here, and simply mention how the Uniqlo manages to hit all these points, but I’d prefer to go into crushingly boring technical detail, so I’ve decided to match the Uniqlo up against another so-called “best underwear ever” contender, whose praises are sung far and wide, but whose shortcomings are numerous and excruciating.

So here we are: The Uniqlo Airism vs. the Ex Officio boxer brief.

Let’s begin.

1) Fit

One of the major problems with the Ex Officio is that it does not come in a size small. It’s labelled small, but it’s just nonsense. It’s a full two sizes bigger than the Uniqlo, and still too loose anyway.

The Uniqlo also has another objectively correct feature which the Ex Officio does not: Accommodation for masculinity.

Notice the folded seam right along the center of the front panel:


Because there’s something behind that curtain, and it needs some breathing room.

This creates a contoured fabric pouch that…ahem…surrounds this region appropriately, thus eliminating the problems of lateral drift and skin-on-skin discomfort, and reducing the need to rearrange constantly.

The Ex Officio’s front panel, on the other hand, is entirely flat. Though it will naturally form something of a shaped front panel simply by stretching in whichever direction it needs to go, it can’t do this as well as something that includes a properly shaped front panel to begin with.

Fit is admittedly rather subjective, but these specific differences are just objectively superior. The folded front panel, combined with availability in more sizes, mean the Uniqlo will be far more likely to work for more people.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Uniqlo is shorter (both in the legs, and in the rise) and has a wider waistband (by circumference) than a comparable size of Ex Officios. I don’t find these differences to be objectively good or bad, but they’re worth mentioning. Plenty of people will prefer the lengthier fit.

2) Fabric

As mentioned, I’m split on whether the world’s most perfect underwear would use a quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric, or a more natural and highly absorbent one, or a blend of the two. Since the available options are usually garbage in any case, I’ll take whatever I can get.

Both the Uniqlo Airism and Ex Officio are quick-drying, moisture-wicking underwear, designed for athletic pursuits, though they use different materials to achieve this:

  • Uniqlo Airism: 86% polyester, 14% spandex (with minor variations for different colors)
  • Ex Officio: 94% nylon, 6% spandex (with variations for heathered colors)

But it’s really the texture that’s different. Compare the waffle-like surface of the Ex Officio to the flat surface of the Uniqlo Airism:


You know how you’re supposed to be when you’re in your underwear? Smooth.

Not only are the Ex Officios loose to begin with, but their incredibly textured surface produces a great deal of friction, meaning that a pair of pants will pull them in all sorts of different directions, requiring constant rearrangement to keep them in place.

While it’s true that the Ex Officio’s textured surface could potentially be more comfortable when damp (by reducing the percentage of fabric in direct contact with the skin), it’s theinside of the fabric that should be this way, while the outside should be slick and smooth. But even if you flip them inside out (EMS makes a boxer brief like this, but they use a horrific waistband and aren’t that great anyway), they’re still too loose to stay in place, even with the reduced friction.

By comparison, Uniqlo’s Airism literally feels like silk. It’s exquisitely smooth and frictionless, and can’t get pulled around by other layers at all. This doesn’t mean it requires no adjustment; just that the amount created by friction will be reduced to zero.

3) Waistband

Notice how the Ex Officio’s waistband looks like a strip of elastic, while the Uniqlo’s looks like soft fabric:


Just make everything soft, guys. Just everything.

Not only is the Uniqlo’s waistband softer, but it’s also more pliable, making it far more forgiving. And, as mentioned, it’s also significantly wider (not top to bottom, but in terms of circumference) than the Ex Officio’s, which seems to have far too small of a waistband compared to how loose the rest of it is (though admittedly this was not much of a problem for me).

Again, fit is subjective, so I won’t spend too much time on this issue, but I found the Uniqlo’s waistband to be far more sensibly sized, and, when combined with the fact that it was more easily stretchy and felt less like a waist-sized rubber band, significantly more comfy as well.

4) Gusset

This is the one area in which I can see potential room for improvement. And I say potential, because it hasn’t been a problem for me so far.

The Uniqlo has a crotch gusset, which means it has two seams going across the crotch rather than one. This is potentially terrible if designed improperly, since the forward seam starts encroaching upon areas that are highly sensitive, and the rear seam can start approaching awkward territory as well.

But it has been fine so far. Both seams are positioned in such a way that they manage to bypass any sensitive areas. I can’t promise it’ll be objectively flawless for everyone, but it’s fine for me.

4) Style

This might be largely irrelevant to most people, and rather subjective, but I prefer the Uniqlo’s appearance, for the following reasons:

  • No logo. I hate being a walking billboard for brands, and although Ex Officio’s waistband logo is subtle enough that I don’t mind, Uniqlo’s is completely nonexistent.
  • More colors and patterns. Uniqlo has solids, stripes, dots, plaids, paisleys, and all sorts of other choices. Ex Officio has admittedly been doing well enough in this regard, but it doesn’t look like they’ve ever attempted the following:
  • Subtlety. Again, it’s not like it’s a big deal, but I much prefer the fact that Uniqlo’s underwear looks like normal underwear. Most performance underwear is designed to be flashy, fluorescent body armor, with bright colors and racing stripes all over the place. I much prefer the quieter neutrality of boringly dark grey, which is offered not instead of, but in addition to, the snazzy ego-boosting crimson that Uniqlo also provides.

Again, it’s not that Ex Officio does poorly here, but Uniqlo’s underwear is utterly indistinguishable from normal underwear, which is practically unheard of in the world of high-tech clothing, and refreshingly welcome.

From the front:


Uniqlo (left) and Ex Officio (right). Sorry for the awful photography.

And the back:


Uniqlo (left) and Ex Officio (right). Because of the gusset, the Uniqlo has no seams along the back at all, which some people might think looks nice.

Again, it’s not a huge deal, but I adore the normalcy of the fabric texture, the seam placements, the lack of logo, and wide range of colors and patterns of the Uniqlo. It’s nearly impossible finding performance clothing that looks like ordinary clothing, so I’m just happy to see someone doing it.

5) Price

Finally! Someone came along to prove that high-tech gear doesn’t have to be obscenely expensive. It’s pretty much all made of polyester anyway, which is blended with cotton because it’s cheaper than cotton, and yet 100% polyester performance apparel is more expensive somehow? Lame!

The Uniqlo Airism is $13 to the Ex Officio’s $25.

There’s simply no reason high-tech gear needs to be expensive, and I’m glad I never have to pay ridiculous prices for fancy underwear ever again.

The Ex Officio isn’t that bad. I’ve seen others go up to $50 a pair, and they were barely mediocre anyway. I’m looking at you, Arcteryx.

And since this is a travel blog, let’s take a look at a few travel-specific characteristics while we’re at it:

6) Packability

There’s no contest here. The Uniqlo is hands-down superior.


The Uniqlo’s on the left, folded the same way as the Ex Officio on the right.

By the way, that’s a Uniqlo in a large, and an Ex Officio in a small.

It might not matter to certain people, but for ultralight backpackers and carry-on only travel junkies, space is constantly at a premium. Not only is the Uniqlo smaller overall, but both its fabric and waistband are thinner, allowing it to fold down to a smaller packed size.

I wish I had a scale to compare the weight. Maybe someday.

7) Drying time

This was a tie. Despite the differences in fabric content and texture, they both dried quickly after a hand wash. Eight hours, indoors, on a cool day.


Maybe I should get a clothesline or something.

This is practically mandatory if you’re hoping to reap the benefits of minimalist travel, which requires frequent washing, often by hand. But it’s also quite useful in hot weather, so that moisture won’t accumulate until you’re soaked from head to toe.

So are they really the best men’s underwear in the universe?

Well, once again, I’ll reiterate that I don’t think it’s possible to construct a perfect item here. There are simply too many variables for a single pair of underwear to suit 100% of the male population and be appropriate for 100% of circumstances. There’ll never be such a thing as a perfect fit for all people, nor a perfect fabric for all situations.

But are they damn good?

Yes. Very much so.

Each and every detail, from the shaped front panel, to the snug fit, to the frictionless surface, to the (comparatively) dirt-cheap price, to the subtle appearance, to the quick-drying fabric, is exactly what I’ve been trying to find for a decade. I’ve gone through dozens of different options from all sorts of brands, big and small, and all of them have left me dissatisfied. But no longer.

So if that all sounds great, get ‘em here.

They’re also made in cotton or cotton/polyester blends, all of which are listed here. Anything with “dry” in the title is a cotton/polyester blend, which would provide a decent mix of natural comfort and speedy drying times, at half the price of the Airism.

I’m also a big fan of super-absorbent fabrics such as modal or Tencel, but I have yet to find any underwear made out of them that isn’t atrociously awful, and at $30 each, I’m simply done trying (though I’ve heard good things about Tommy John).

But I’m quite happy with these. The Uniqlo Airism is now my go-to favorite underwear, for adventures far and wide. I might pick up some of the cotton/polyester versions for use at home, but the quick-drying Airism is probably what you’d want for athletic activities or lightweight travel.

Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting in my pants hearing my thoughts on this matter. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go burn the rest of my underwear in a cathartic bonfire.

Happy travels!

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Ex Officio Men’s Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh 6″ Inseam Boxer Brief

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Men’s Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh 6″ Inseam Boxer Brief

Item no. 1241-2176

500 miles of trail. 7 days. One pair of underwear. (Ok, maybe two.)

The new Sport Mesh boxer brief pairs ergonomic fit with ultralight mesh for active performance. Whether you’re cycling through Patagonia, trekking in Thailand, or trail running in your home range, the Sport Mesh will keep you cool, fresh, and comfortable.

  • New ultralight mesh fabric is soft and highly stretchy
  • Ergonomic fly panel constructed with classic Give-N-Go® mesh for extra support
  • Soft, comfortable waistband
  • Treated with Aegis® Microbe Shield™ to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in fabric
  • Extremely quick-drying and highly breathable
  • Available in 9″ inseam
  • Wicking
  • Quick Drying
  • Inseam: 6″
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Odor Resistant
  • Sizes: S-2XL
  • Imported
Care Instructions
Machine wash cold, Wash with like colors, No bleach, Tumble Dry Low or Line dry in shade, Iron low setting
92% Nylon, 8% Lycra
Garment Weight
2.5 oz
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ScotteVest Travel Boxers 2.0

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SeV Travel Boxers 2.0

Proper layering is an important part of comfortable travel, and it all begins with the base layer. We developed the SCOTTEVEST Travel Boxers 2.0 with an around-the-world trip in mind – the trip of your life – and then actually tested them for 6 weeks around the world! The perfect travel boxers had to be:

    • lightweight
    • amazingly comfortable
    • cool and wicking
    • occupy a very small space when folded
    • dry quickly when washed
    • be usable as shorts in a pinch with a button fly (Don’t believe us? Watch the video starring our CEO here)
    • have an iPhone® pocket
    • have a pocket to stash your passport
    • resist odor

By using high-tech fabrics and design, we have succeeded on each of those points. (The iPhone®-sized ‘bare essentials’ pocket and passport pocket are the bonus SeV twists!) We put as much attention into engineering these boxers as we do engineering most complicated clothing, and before we introduced them to the market we put them through an extensive, six-week field test. You’re looking at the Version 2.0 boxers with even more updates!

We sent travel writer Rolf Potts and his videographer Justin on the first No Baggage Challenge, wearing our travel boxers. Rolf spent 42 days circling the globe with no bags, and all of his travel essentials in the pockets of his SeV. He wore one pair of SeV Travel Boxers and carried a second, washing them in the hotel sink each night and trading off between the two. The boxers had to endure heat, cold, planes, trains, buses, camels, cities, deserts, desserts (the waistband has some stretch!) and more hand-washings than most people do in a year. His assessment: they work perfectly! (unlike some other brands)

The SeV Travel Boxers 2.0 pair well with our performance tops to provide a cool base layer for your travels, whether they entail shuffling through airports or going on safari. We field tested them in many different environments across the globe before bringing them to you, and we know that you will be as pleased with them as we are. The SeV Travel Boxers 2.0 are made of Nylon and Lycra® material and treated with Aegis® Microbe Shield. Machine washable, fast-drying. Be sure to check out our Special Return Policy before ordering, since special rules apply to underwear.

    • Now this is something to write home about – the best pair of boxers you’ll ever own
    • Front pocket is perfect for a phone, rear pocket keeps your passport, money, or cards extra close (and therefore, extra safe)
    • Don’t miss out on the hot tub – added button on the fly will let them double as swim trunks (in an emergency, and take the phone out first!)
    • Stretchy, quick-drying Nylon with Lycra®
    • Anti-microbial, odor- and stain-resistant Aegis® treatment
    • Or watch our animated demo here, or read the press release.
    • Offered in black and gray
    • Machine washable
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ScotteVest Tropiformer Jacket

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The SeV Tropiformer Jacket/Vest: Designed to Help You Get Loaded!

Chocolate and peanut butter. Simon and Garfunkel. Tropical and Transformer. Welcome to the ultimate tech clothing mashup… 51% two-part harmony, 51% Thunderdome face-off, 110% awesome. We collaborated with our good friends at ThinkGeek on our first jacket re-mix, the Tropiformer. It combines a TROPIcal weight fabric and magnetically-attached TransFORMER Sleeves to create the TROPIFORMER Jacket. (More clever than swirled ice cream and more powerful than Voltron!)

With 22 strategically placed pockets, the Tropiformer was designed specifically to help you get loaded. By “you,” we mean you, and by “get loaded,” we mean get your pockets loaded with all the stuff that you need to make it through the day, the airport, or the jungle (concrete or otherwise). Destined to be the ultimate undercover travel jacket for gadget-lovers, you could easily pass as a local at first glance, but under the surface have a carry-on worth of discreet storage in your pockets. Pickpockets hate it, geeks love it and passersby will swoon. Some airlines are even letting people wearing SCOTTEVEST instead of using a carry-on board planes first. Seriously.

This is why the Tropiformer deserves a place of honor on your back:

  • Transformer Sleeves: the jacket’s sleeves are removable, and are held in place by tech friendly magnets to make it incredibly easy to transform your jacket into a vest and back again. Perfect for changing weather and that seat right under the A/C vent.
  • Futuristic Materials: meticulous attention has been given to the selection of a luxurious, high tech fabric and a subtle mesh back that is super lightweight, extremely comfortable, and breathable. The jacket feels like a water resistant “second skin” (since gadgets don’t like water) and you’ll never mind wearing it in a variety of temperatures, hot or cold. The stowable hood zips into the collar when not in use, for even more climatic versatility.
  • iPad Pocket: less cuddly than pulling a rabbit from a hat, but far more practical, the PadPocket™ is one step away from magical.
  • Quick Draw pocket: clear touch material lets you not only see, hear and operate a touchscreen phone through the clear pocket, but you don’t even need to take your hand out of your pocket to do it.
  • Locking pocket for the slightly paranoid: a one-way, locking zipper pull protects an internal pocket-within-a-pocket, making your wallet, passport and valuables extra safe from pickpockets. In fact, we guarantee they won’t steal your stuff.
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for headphone wire and power management: it not only works to route headphones, but also lets you put a battery pack in one pocket and charge devices in your other pockets. Freedom is constantly topping off.
  • Packable: the entire jacket can easily be packed into itself, making it perfect for travel. Unpack, give it a shake, and put it on… virtually wrinkle-free.
  • The Difference is Inside™: a ton of other hidden pockets to carry all your tech gadgets without any bulges, and with everything balanced thanks to the integrated Weight Management System.
  • We have also designed our own proprietary, high quality zipper pulls, and we indicate the intended use for each pocket with a tiny icon. So you never get lost in your own clothes, an attached eyeglass chamois is printed with a “pocket map” showing the location of all the pockets. Yes, there are enough pockets that you need a treasure map, Long John Silver!
  • 100% Water-resistant Polyester

So… how loaded are you going to get in this Tropiformer Jacket?

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ScotteVest Performance T-shirt

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SeV Performance T-Shirt, Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve

The ultimate t-shirt for today’s active lifestyle! The incredibly popular SeV Performance T-Shirt combines comfort and good looks with the convenience of 3 perfect pockets: ideal for carrying iPods®, cell phones, and other on-the-go essentials! You get 1 chest pocket and 2 side seam pockets–strategically located and ergonomically designed to minimize shifting, chafing, and neck stretch.

Scottevest Performance Tees also feature our patented Personal Area Network (PAN) wire management system and elastic loops to keep your earbuds in place.

The performance fabric feels fantastic, resists fading, and wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

These shirts are also lightweight enough that you can control your iPod® right through the fabric! Whether you’re out for a run, a round of golf, working out, or traveling, you can keep your gadgets with you.

The SeV Performance T-shirt is unrivaled! Choose from White, Smoke, Olive, Black, Blue or Red. Available in short sleeve and long sleeve too! Huntsman High IQ Performance Fabric. Machine Washable.

  • 3 clever pockets, including hidden side seam pockets
  • Huntsman High IQ® Performance moisture-wicking fabric
  • The ultimate t-shirt for today’s active lifestyle! Carry your iPods®, cell phones, keys, and other essentials!
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) to manage wires and cords
  • Available with short or long sleeves, this shirt is a versatile quick-drying, multi-purpose layer
  • Pick your favorite color or try them all: White, Smoke, Olive, Black, Blue, Red
  • Machine Washable
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ScotteVest Flex Cargo Pants

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SeV Flex Cargo Pants Take Comfort to a New Level

The function of cargo pants with the great look of casual pants. And there’s more – they have stretch AND a Fiesta Waistband for extra comfort! Even after sitting in an airplane for hours our customers say…

“These are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn…!”

Excellent for travel, work and everyday use our Flex Cargos have a refined look and 10 smartly engineered pockets. The Fiesta Waistband is a subtle addition to these evolved SeV classic pants, and give a little extra flex at the waist without compromising style at all. We combined all of the gadget-carrying functionality SeV is known for with comfortable, breathable, wrinkle resistant style. These are the pants that regular cargo pants aspire to be someday.

The NoBulge™ design and deep pockets keep you looking good while your stuff remains safely inside. We identified problems with typical pants – problems that everyone experiences – and solved them one by one. Wallet in your back pocket causing pain when sitting? We made our back pockets deeper so your wallet doesn’t sit directly under you. Pants can’t keep up with your travel dessert schedule? Fiesta Waistband to the rescue! (two inches of leeway)

Teflon®-treated 97% Cotton/3% Spandex® blend makes these pants stain resistant, moisture wicking and quick-drying. Offered in Bark and Carbon. Machine washable.

  • Incognito cargo pants from SeV – casual and comfy with 10 smartly-engineered pockets
  • Include 3% Spandex for extra comfort on long flights, car rides, or everyday use
  • Teflon®-treated for stain and wrinkle resistance (also quick-drying!)
  • NoBulge™ pockets keep your stuff safe
  • Available in rugged and classic colors: Bark and Carbon
  • Machine Washable
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ScotteVest Explorer Shirt

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Get the SeV Explorer Shirt, and Start Exploring Your World Today

Explore: [ik-splawr, -splohr]

1. to traverse or range over (a region, area, etc.) for the purpose of discovery: to explore the island.

The rugged good looks, casual style, soft and easy comfort, and sensible versatility make the SeV Explorer perfect for any adventure that comes your way.

The Explorer Shirt is almost a lightweight jacket, making everyday wear or packing for travel that much easier. You can relax, knowing that you won’t have to leave any of your valuables behind, because the 19(!) thoughtfully executed pockets are designed to fit all your essentials.

And true to form for all SeV products, the Weight Management System in the Explorer will rescue you from looking lopsided or lumpy, even with all your pockets in use.

So whether you are blazing through a thicket or relaxing on a deck, your SeV Explorer shirt will feel like home. Go ahead, throw on the SeV Explorer and explore your world in comfort–it’s yours for the taking!

2 Colors: Flax and Mocha 100% soft comfy cotton

Machine washable, Wrinkle resistant and oh so comfortable

  • 2 colors: Flax and Mocha (because while exploring we don’t have to be “loud” about it)
  • 100% soft comfy cotton
  • Exterior chest pockets with hidden double compartment and flap with secure snap
  • Roll sleeves with button tabs
  • Personal Area Network (PAN) keeps your cords tangle free
  • 19 specially engineered pockets including the famous “mad money” and Crossdraw pockets for quick access to your most essential items
  • Wrinkle resistant for wrinkle-free recon
  • Machine Washable
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ScotteVest Convertible Travel Pants

TEC_SeV-logo_white Originally posted on ScotteVest,com:

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The Convertible Travel Pants are SeV through-and-through: versatile, easy to wear, and highly functional. They are designed for travel, but running errands around town or walking the dog count as travel, too!

The Convertible Travel Pants have 10 pockets, including zippered back pockets for added security and divided deep cargo pockets to keep your things organized. They are 100% Nylon and Teflon-treated for water and stain-resistance. They dry quickly if you need to do a quick wash in the sink on the road.

The inseam of the shorts section varies between 9 3/8″ – 9 3/4″ depending on size.

  • 10 streamlined pockets for your travel essentials
  • 100% Nylon
  • Teflon-Treated
  • Change Stopper
  • Divided Deep Cargo Pockets
  • Magnetic Pocket Closures
  • Offered in Black, Sandstone, and Bering Blue
  • Machine Washable, Dry Quickly
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ScotteVest Bamboo Polo

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The Bamboo Polo Gives You Style and Eco-Comfort to Boot

SCOTTEVEST has introduced two new twists to the classic polo shirt with our Bamboo Polo. The first innovation is the use of a super-soft material that comes from Bamboo fibers.

This fabric is perfect for our polo design because it resists wrinkles, is highly breathable and really feels amazing against the skin.

Our second innovation is the integration of three hidden pockets: a unique chest pocket with the zipper hidden along the button placket, and a double side seam pocket with a subtle zip.

Top that off with SeV’s hallmark patented Personal Area Network (PAN) to make this the perfect natural material polo for people on the go.

With multiple colors to choose from, you’ll find one for every outfit and occasion. Natural and Eco-Friendly Bamboo Material. Fabric content is 65% bamboo, 30% cotton, and 5% spandex.

Machine Washable.

  • Perfect for the golf course, a night out or to add a few extra pockets to life – 3 nearly invisible ones!
  • Breathable, wrinkle resistant bamboo fibers feel amazing against your skin
  • It’s a classic polo shirt with SeV twists, including a Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management
  • Chest pocket is accessed through hidden button placket zipper
  • Subtle side seam pockets (front and back) can hold your ID, cash, phone or golf accessories
  • So supremely soft you’ll feel like you’re in your favorite P.J.’s
  • Choose from these great colors – Brick, Mocha, Sky, Heather Grey, Black, or Navy.
  • Fabric content is 65% bamboo, 30% cotton, and 5% spandex
  • Machine Washable
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ScotteVest Brad Thor Alpha Jacket

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  • The Alpha is not just a great looking jacket designed in collaboration with #1 New York Times bestselling thriller author, Brad Thor… and it’s not just the latest concealed carry jacket from SCOTTEVEST. The Alpha is much, much more. Anyone can make a “tactical” jacket that looks tactical. The real finesse comes when a jacket helps you blend into a crowd. After all, when it comes to concealed carry garments, it’s not concealed if they know you are carrying it (whatever “it” you choose to carry). This is the philosophy behind the espionage concept of a Gray Man… someone who is eminently capable, but from all outward appearances is just another person going about their business. As Sun Tzu wrote, “All war is deception.” The Brad Thor Alpha Jacket by SCOTTEVEST is the most deceptively capable concealed carry jacket the world has ever seen.

On a Need to Know Basis:

There are far too many features to list out here, but these are the ones you “need to know” about. Explore the printable, 8 page Operator Manual for the full story and descriptions for each pocket and feature. To view some of the features in action, click here.

  • Stealth Exterior: Jacket exterior is made from a quiet (not crunchy) softshell in a black, IR-signature reducing matte finish that blends into the landscape.
  • Covert Styling: Exterior pockets and panels are designed to be subtle and not print as a tactical-styled jacket. Removable exterior branding completes the slick exterior look.
  • Rapid Access Panels (RAPs): The RAPs provide access to a mid-layer of pocketing without needing to unzip the jacket. They are completely ambidextrous, and are also pockets themselves, sized to carry an iPad or even a laptop. These cavernous pocket panels can be used as a dump pouch for mag changes or even for evidence collection or foraging in a survival/wilderness E&E situation. The lower 2/3 of the panel interiors are lined with tricot (non-crunchy soft side loop material as on the interior of camera bags) for attaching hook-side accessories like holsters, mag holders and pouches. These panels are the heart of your CCW pocket system and provide flexibility to customize how you carry gear based upon your mission. Read the Operator Manual for holster suggestions and gear ideas.
  • Sleeve Dagger Pockets: Taking a page from the OSS, long, narrow, tricot-lined pockets are concealed on the inner wrist of each sleeve to hold a sleeve dagger like the Benchmade SOCP. They also hold small flashlights, pens and similarly-sized items.
  • Hidden Tech Features: There is an interior clear touch cell phone pocket so you can see your touchscreen phone (and use it) through the clear material without removing it from your pocket. All pockets include SeV’s patented Personal Area Network (PAN) to route wires for power or communications from any pocket to any other pocket.
  • RFID-blocking Pocket: The jacket contains one secure travel documents pocket with a color-coded large locking zipper. This RFID-blocking interior pocket is sized to hold a passport and wallet and constitutes a strong first line of defense against RFID skimming tech attacks. Check out the Operator Manual for more details about the RFID pocket (page 5). If you want full-spectrum electronic signal blocking, check out theShieldSak, which can even take your phone off-grid.
  • Warmth The Alpha Jacket is designed for use in “chilly” weather down to cold weather. While warmth is ultimately subjective, our warmth chart shows about where we think it falls on the spectrum.
  • Water-repellence The exterior is 100% poly softshell material. The Alpha is not designated as “waterproof” because it does not have sealed seams, but the material itself is very water resistant. It has a TPU membrane, which prevents water from soaking in to reach you even if the exterior gets wet. We tested this during a freak torrential rain/hail storm at our headquarters in Idaho in September, 2013 when we ran outside in the Alpha for 5 minutes. Some rain soaked into the outer shell, but not a drop made it inside.

Download the Operator Manual for full details. If you have any questions about the Alpha, direct them to

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gaijin Dan goes to Japan

October 18th – 28th • 2010


ANA Airlines

Quick stop in Tokyo before heading down to Kyoto on the Shinkansen.


Back in Tokyo


Supposed to be Ishinohana— an amazing cocktail bar.
Tsukiji fish market and okonomiyaki
The elevators actually close when you push the close button in Japan.

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Western Flyer and Co-Pilot

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Sketches from Nambodea

A scrapbook of sketches and miscellaneous memorabilia from Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, Siem Reap—and a little Seoul, too.


Good food on Asiana Airlines!


Stopover • Incheon, Korea

Friendly staff and great breakfasts.


Vietnamese folk tales reenacted with puppets on water,
traditional Vietnamese orchestra provides background music.


Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi—from Cafe Pho Co.


My favorite meal in Hanoi! Now on to Halong Bay…


I spent two nights in this cozy little cabin.

Good food, good kayaking, too.

Hue, Vietnam 

Hue, Vietnam—I discover I’ve lost my credit card. I imagine I left it back on the Dragon Pearl.
I find it two days later in my carry-on bag.


It looked like a cafe. A great example of Vietnamese hospitality.

This was the place I was looking for. Bun thit nu’ong was a little too spicy for me.



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Sketches from Yosemite

DAY ONE — We arrive at Curry Village and check in to our (hopefully) hantavirus-free tent.


I sure hope they fumigated this place.


We rode our bikes over to the Ahwahnee Hotel and had a beer there. I thought it was a beautiful hotel until I saw the elevators….


Yikes! I’ve seen these elevators before. I think I’ll take my chances with the hantavirus.


DAY TWO — We begin the hike to Half Dome from Curry Village. The Vernal Fall appears after climbing many steps.


Getting closer. Maybe an hour from the top at this point.


About 800 more feet to go! Great hike. Took about 6 hours to get up there, and four to get back down. Pretty sore after that, so Day Three will be a day of rest.


DAY THREE — In 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt and John…

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Sketches from Hawaii

I recently went to Oahu and the Big Island for my birthday. Here are some sketches from the ten day trip.



I wasn’t staying at the Surfrider, but I did hang out there. This guy was singing about a little grass hut.


I liked sitting on the porch in the rocking chairs.


This is the hotel I stayed for the weekend—The Aston Waikiki Circle. And circular it was. Comfy bed, too!


First Mai Tai of the trip!

I took The Bus to Koko Head. Slow but cheap. What’s the hurry, right?


So many steps to the top, but worth the view.


Two great meals—a mixed plate from Rainbow Drive-In and eggs and sausage from Eggs ‘N Things.



Now on to the Big Island. 12B would be an indication of what’s to come.


A really cool beach north of…

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July Sketchcrawl @ The Ferry Building

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Sketches from Maui and Lanai

The ABC store has everything. I usually get a bamboo beach mat. Cheap and easy to carry around.

The depiction of a distinguished Japanese gentlemen on the cash register assures
that your Yen is acceptable here.


I took a day cruise over to Lanai with Paragon Sailing Charters.  Great trip and worth every penny. After an hour or so sail we arrived at Hulopoe Bay and snorkeled there for a while.

Then we headed in to Manele Bay, where after disembarking, I walked over to The Four Seasons and had a cocktail at the poolside bar. Very refreshing, whatever it was!

On the way back, some spinner dolphins accompanied us for a bit.

Napili Bay

Lunch at The Gazebo.  I think this place is famous for their giant pancakes, but I had the very tasty tuna melt.

Pirate guy at The Gazebo.

Each morning at about 6:15 a bird would…

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Sketches from Amador County


Last week I attended a wedding in Amador County—a region notable for its role in the
California Gold Rush and for its many vineyards and wineries.


Sutter Creek—John Sutter’s discovery of gold in January 1848 triggered the
California Gold Rush.


Susan’s Place is a quaint restaurant/wine bar just off of Main Street in Sutter Creek.
I had a yummy Sangiovese.


Part of the fun is driving around to the many neighboring small towns.

The General Store in Volcano served up a delicious (and cheap!) burger.



Drytown—The Old Well Cafe.

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Christmas 2012

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Sketchcrawl in The Mission

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4th of July







Mom is going to make strawberry pies. The strawberries are ready!







Flash, the lightning bug.


What kind of girl stays out all night?


Back to San Francisco


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Sketches from Italy





I’ve arrived! Nunzio the driver is waiting for me at the airport.






This guy is something of a local celebrity, having been in an indie movie about Roman Slackers
or something.








The Isle of Ischia. I stayed on the West coast at Forio.  You could probably stay anywhere
and just hop around to the other towns on the bus.






Some notes and suggestions from the patrons of Pietratorcia.

















Great B&B close to the ferry in Forio. Very convenient location.








The nice, simple, convinient  B&B where I stayed in Rome.










Segrio from Mordi & Vai Gastronomia “Romanesca”









This conductor accused us of improperly validating our tickets. He called the police,
who simply scoffed at the conductor.



Ahh, time to head back. What a trip!

If you’re thinking of visiting Rome, please check out Rome Like A Local, a great way to…

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