Tom Bihn 3D Fabric Organizer Cube

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The 3D Fabric Organizer Cube is a one-compartment organizer cube. It’s available in two different fabrics: ultralight 200 denier Dyneema®/nylon ripstop or 420d HT nylon Classic Parapack.

Our 200 Dyneema®/nylon fabric is custom produced just for us by a mill in Japan. Its great tear strength and surprising abrasion resistance come from the grid of white Dyneema® yarns woven approximately every .25″ / 6 mm parallel to the X and Y axes (the weft and warp), forming the distinctive ripstop pattern (the Dyneema® yarns don’t accept dye and hence remain their natural white color).

Our 420d HT nylon Classic Parapack is a 420 denier, high-tenacity, type 6.6 nylon fabric that was originally developed for the military for use in parachute backpacks. It’s a beautiful, densely woven, and tough-as-nails fabric, and its smooth surface means it entirely lacks an affinity for pet hair, lint, sweater fuzz and snow.

A #5 YKK Aquaguard® zipper with two plastic sliders zips the 3D Fabric Organizer Cube. Two O-rings, on the left and right exterior sides of the Cube, allow you to clip a Key Strap to the Cube and attach it to the O-rings inside your larger TOM BIHN travel bag, messenger bag, briefcase, laptop bag, knitting bag, or backpack.

We give you the option of adding a Shoulder Strap to the 3D Fabric Organizer Cube, allowing you to hang the Cube from a towel rack or doorknob or wear it over your shoulder. The shoulder strap is the same strap included with our Side Effect bag: 5/8″ nylon webbing, adjustable, with plastic snaphooks (no pad).


200 denier Dyneema®/nylon ripstop
420d HT nylon Classic Parapack
#5 YKK Aquaguard® water-repellent coil zipper with plastic sliders


Made in USA 
100% finished seams


Dimensions: 7″ x 4.3″ x 2″ / 180 x 110 x 50 mm
400d Dyneema®/420d nylon ripstop: 1.8 oz / 50 grams
420d HT nylon Classic Parapack: 2.2 oz / 65 grams
Volume: 60 cubic inches / 1 quart / 1 liter (ASTM Standard Measure)


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