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Key benefits

Airline Carry-on compliant | Superb design and construction quality | Excellent protection from shock and impact | Logically arranged compartments and sub-compartments | Form fitting flexibility | Premium materials and hardware | Ideal for mass transit travelers & active lifestyles | Exceptionally comfortable carry options | Optional shoulder strap | Waterproof

General Description

The Tom Bihn Aeronaut takes on the challenge of offering an innovative user and task focused carry-on bag that takes cues from the timeless cargo bags, but softens the typical ‘boxy’outlines with aerodynamic curves instead. As airlines strive to penalize customers with fines for oversized and overweight carry-on’s the Aeronaut is the best solution that combines maximum volume and minimized weight with durability, styling and user comfort. This is the Jenny Craig© of overhead compartment bags. In true Tom Bihn style- form and function are evenly matched. Ergonomic, flexible and user accommodating- the Aeronaut is sure to make your next journey a pleasure. Throughout our maiden run with it the onomatopoeia that kept springing into my head was ‘sproing!’. This best describes the feeling of carrying the Aeronaut with the shoulder strap across one’s chest. A pair of mated hand straps and a tuck-away backpack system make it flexible for changing situations. Since it’s airline compliant -two end handles make for quick and sure retrieval during the disembark rush that inevitably sees less endowed passengers struggling with thier inferior luggage.
Sales Source:http://www.Tom Bihn.com

Left Accessory
Left Side
Center Main
Right Side
3 Lära Bars 2, Toilet Kits
2, dress socks
2, Gift flashlights
1,Dress Belt
1, Bottle of Pepto Bismol
4oz bottle of detergent
1,Two-piece suit (Summerweight Wool)
1, Dress shirt
1, Silk short sleeve shirt
1, Pr Chinos
1, Long sleeve ‘T’shirt
1, Dress Tie & Cufflinks + 1,Handkerchief
1, Pr Gym shorts
1, athletic supporter
3, Prs Ultralight under pants
4, Prs ultralight Under-‘T’ shirts
1, Pr Casual cargo shorts
5 small gift boxes in Large Tom Bihn Sack
1, Radio Shack Door-wedge alarm
1,Pr Dress shoes stuffed with…
4,Prs GymSocks.
3, Lära Bars
Net weight fully loaded as tested – 23Lbs ( Includes Tom Bihn Absolute Shoulder Strap)

First Field Trial
 of the Aeronaut

First Impressions:
– Drop dead gorgeous curvy silhouette.
– Orientation of hand straps & shoulder straps make huge sense for carry and retrieval
– I hardly remembered the hidden backpack straps! They tuck away very seamlessly thanks to the elegant zipper closure. Backpack comfort is very good – the padding on the spine-facing side of the Aeronaut gives it a good feel . Sternum strap is a nice touch. It could double as a day-pack with no problem!
– Space allocation is top notch. Thanks to Tom Bihn and Eagle Creek organizers, my various categories of garments all fit inside perfectly. Two toilet kits fit in the side compartments , a pair of dress shoes in the main and there was still plenty of room for four small gift boxes. 
– Seamed zippers open and close effortlessly .The pull tabs have generous holes in them for locks.
– End mounted grab straps are curvilinear and easy to grab, giving the Aeronaut three sides by which it can be retrieved from overhead compartments.
– Fabrication quality is top notch and precise. There are no wrinkles or bulging anywhere- and yet all structural elements have self supporting form resulting from the structural dynamics and inherit material stiffness. An empty Aeronaut looks ‘pumped up’ – making the packing process a breeze.
– Materials are top notch as well. Both the heavy denier waterproof Nylon fabric and the huge YKK zippers look like they can survive many years of frequent travel- especially by Air, Train or Bus.
– Color- I like the red that was chosen very much. Its Pantone equivalent  is 186MC A very neutral red. Let’s name it Rojo Picanté in honor of its maiden voyage. The black piping and straps really give the Aeronaut a polished, Jet Set look.
-Carry comfort. Thanks to the narrow profile of the Aeronaut when hand carried, the center of weight is closer to the user than on comparable luggage. This actually makes the Aeronaut more comfortable to carry as the user’s arm stays close to their body. In addition, the High/Narrow profile keeps weight distributed in the same axis as the user- vertical. 
– Backpack straps. The access zipper so cleverly echoes the design of the main zippered compartment, only the fact that it runs as a short curved line- is a clue to what’s hiding inside. The straps deploy very quickly and are simply connected to short ‘Fastex-style’ snaps that are revealed by pulling them out of their peek-a-boo nooks! I’m not sure if anyone else has designed so elegant a concealed backpack strap arrangement. It’s the sort of thing that brings a smile on your face when you first encounter it.
Once connected, the access port zipper remains open. I felt an inner urge to close it- but why? The converted Aeronaut then back mounts and feels good on the shoulders and back. The included sternum strap is useful in controlling lateral motion. No waist strap is included and the Aeronaut doesn’t need one.
– Where do I put my drink bottle?. I was about to gripe about the lack of a bottle pouch- when it hit me. One of the ends has a diagonally oriented zipper pocket that would easily accommodate an 16oz bottle or Three juice boxes! I tested it and indeed- a 16oz cylindrical bottle or Three, 4oz juice boxes fit perfectly if the host compartment beneath isn’t over packed!

Some details that make the difference
– Metal hardware. That’s right! Black anodized steel strap snaps and attachment anchors as well as the metal zipper pulls – give the Aeronaut ‘Premium’ travel luggage status . No nastily ‘snap-offs’ during a hurried retrieval or at the hands of abusive luggage handlers or conveyors. The shoulder strap adjustment ladders are polymer- minimizing weight and putting durability where it really belongs- at points that will bear the brunt of travel abuse.
– Harmony between the three carry options ( Hand, Shoulder and Backpack). As I mentioned earlier, the hand and shoulder straps are oriented on the long/narrow side and the backpack straps on the broad side but here’s a special detail often missed is less intelligently designed luggage. All compartments- main and secondary- can be opened without in any manner interfering with the carry strap , shoulder strap or backpack straps. Lest you dismiss this point as trivial; consider that during a security search the hand straps on some carry-on’s may have to be unsnapped to give the security officer access to a compartment directly beneath it. Because the Aeronaut’s compartment openings are all around and outside the strapping, there’s never any fumbling with straps to accomplish this task- The Aeronaut handles searches with grace and aplomb!
– Contoured edges. In true Tom Bihn form, the Aeronaut is designed with the same signature ‘curvature of edges that not only make it aesthetically pleasing , but also ergonomically pleasant in terms of interactions with the user as well as architectural and structural edges. Simply put, it’s visually and physically snag-resistant.
-Thoughtful mesh inner compartments. These can hold obvious small items but consider this possibility. I ‘ll print a copy of my Itinerary for the maiden journey, as well as a photocopy of my Passport. These can be neatly tucked into the main compartment’s flap- which has a zippered mesh pocket for a liner. That way if you’re luggage tag is ever severed off- airport personnel can easily find your Itinerary at the top of the main hatch!

What’s Missing? 
Almost nothing- but I would have liked to see the outside bottom panel covered with a floor & street proof material, as I suspect that the showroom new look of the Aeronaut will not last for long on that side of the bag if its subjected to contact with dirty pavements or other grimy surfaces.

Target Market
-Primarily the Air, Bus or Train riding traveler. The Aeronaut has a strong secondary market in Students, Athletes,Journeymen and Professionals that are currently using less curvaceous cargo bags or backpacks. The Aeronaut is the ideal ‘Weekender’ bag as well.

Form Factor & Build –
Sizes-Airline Carry-on specifications compliant
Geometry- Aerodynamic cargo.
Material- Made of 1050 Ballistic nylon; lined of 200 denier nylon with a Dyeema (like Spectra) ripstop.Braided nylon-cord zipper pulls with polymer terminal tabs.

Ergonomics– Aerodynamic and ergonomic contours give it a ‘stuffed pillow’ feel that loves to be hugged, carried or hauled. Superb strap orientations make it easy on shoulder joints and eventually minimize carrier fatigue,

Affordances– One large main compartment houses the larger items. Two end compartments and a third slip compartment accept objects that are smaller or that must be more quickly accessed. Substantial zipper pulls afford access to the various spaces and their contents. Intelligently designed carry handles allow for a ‘suitcase’ style of carry with one hand. Metal ‘D’ rings are situated to allow for the connection of optional accessory shoulder straps. Backpack carry straps are seamlessly concealed behind a dedicated zippered panel. Two peek-a-boo snap connectors are tucked in for a neat yet accessible conversion. inner mesh pockets securely accommodate documents or small objects that need to be topmost of the main compartment for quick access. Two end-panel mounted ‘grab straps’ allow for strategic retrieval of a perpendicularly oriented Aeronaut from overhead compartments.

Human Factors & Usability -The Aeronaut conforms to all heuristics guiding excellent user-centered design in the industrial engineering of a carry-on piece of luggage.In other words, the need for effective, efficient and easy to learn functionality are fully accommodated through sound consideration of the cognitive, reflexive and contextual aspects of this product’s use. In addition, sound ergonomics contribute to a pleasant and transparent user experience .Usability has therefore been closely aligned to the operator requiring a certain type of task and goal-centric carry case.The task and context specific orientation of compartments as well as access to them align with the typical requirements and needs of the air,train and bus traveler. Versatile carry options allow for flexible use. As such, an Aeronaut not only accommodates one preferred option- it also accommodates a variation in carry styles within a single journey and in varying contexts. As such, a person needing to carry it hands free but with quickest removal may choose a shoulder carry. Next would be an across the chest shoulder carry. A one handed carry style allows for practical maneuverability during boarding and disembarkation. Backpack carry has the least impact on shoulders- distributing weight more symmetrically for the heaviest loads or for long transits that may require free hands. Since the Aeronaut most efficiently resides in airline overheads in the perpendicular to hatch position, the two end mounted grab straps- make for effective, speedy and logical retrieval .
even though many carry- on’s have wheels of some sort- they often add substantial weight while offering little advantage to the fit and svelte traveler. Try rolling a 23lb carry-on over cobble-stone streets and you’ll understand what we mean. Of all the parts of any luggage that are most likely to suffer damage in transit-those little wheels top the list. The lack of clumsy pull handles or silly tethers are not missed as these are probably the second most annoying accouterments.

Styling and Aesthetics 
Within a number of contexts, the Aeronaut’s exterior appearance coordinates well with the user and their task- in order to create a harmonious visual ensemble that projects an image of aerodynamic-ness rather than boxiness. Cargo bags abound but few are put together in as sleek and curvaceous a package as the Aeronaut. This is the perfect passenger in any muscular American or Imported sports car. In Ferrari Red it makes a statement that’s decidedly ‘Neo-American Chic’. Whether used on a private jet or commercial airplane- the Orient Express or the Marrakech Express- Queen Mary or Greyhound Bus, the Aeronaut conforms it’s minimalist lines to whatever setting it may be tasked to adorn. A wide selection of colors coordinate well with various customer preferences and profiles.

Environmental Stress – We evaluated the Aeronaut on a single five day get-away by air and taxi. The toughness and yet sleekness of the fabric was well suited to the typical experience of using the Aeronaut on airplanes and in motor vehicles.To test the protected zippers, we subjected Aeronaut to a 10 minute shower- Not a drop of water was discovered inside. Considering the replacement cost of potential content belongings, this was deemed a success- instilling great confidence in its ability to withstand a typical downpour. The unobtrusive silhouette minimized the snagging and crushing that often subject lesser quality luggage to severed straps, handles and so on. It just slips into place and slides right out again without resistance. Long term testing has not been completed at this time. We’ll file another report after the next journey or two.

Sales Source:http://www.Tom Bihn.com

Specifications: Tom Bihn-Aeronaut

  • Made of 1050 Ballistic nylon; lined of 200 denier nylon with a Dyeema (like Spectra) ripstop.
  • 10 YKK Uretek “splash-proof” zippers
  • Meets most non-commuter domestic airlines’ carry-on size standards (see FAQ)
  • Overall dimensions: 22″ x 14″ x 9″ / 555 x 355 x 230mm
  • Volume: 2700 cubic inches / 45 litres
  • Empty Weight: 2.71 lbs / 1230 grams
  • Made in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Specifications:AbsoluteComfortStrength:Absolute Shoulder Strap

  • Adjustable from 20″ to 52″
  • Weight: 7.5 oz.
  • Non-Slip Grip is soft and comfortable, and ensures the strap won’t slip off your shoulder.
  • Manufactured by OP/TECH USA for Tom Bihn.
  • Made in Montana, U.S.A.

Evaluation Results & Summaries

Ease of Use
The Aeronaut exudes ergonomic intelligence and logical compartmentalization as well as smooth use. One never senses that the Aeronaut is fighting against its user, but rather that it supports the user in a task and context sensitive manner.

Task performance optimization
Extraordinarily Effective. The Aeronaut is ideal for carrying a load of 23 Lbs or more for distances short or long on mass transit carriers such as Airplanes, Boats, Trains or Busses.With intelligent use of packing aids such as Tom Bihn or third party luggage organizers; an extraordinary volume of contents can be transported for a check-in free travel experience for between a weekend and one week.
Accommodation for emergency provisions
Excellent. Though this is rather extravagant as an emergency Go-Bag, nonetheless, a fully provisioned Aeronaut makes a handsome and accessible 72Hr Go Bag- filled with emergency provisions, first aid and small shelter (Go-Bag evaluation results are pending)
See> Emergency Preparedness Provisions 24/48/72

Fabrication Design and Construction quality 
The fabrication quality of Aeronaut is top notch and is in keeping with the expectations of its intended customers. More than this it may also be relied on by users beyond this base and can work well within a number of professional settings.
Items of Note:
Excellent Customer Relationship Management |Superb design and construction quality|Excellent protection from shock and impact | Logically arranged compartments and sub-compartments | Form fitting flexibility | Premium materials and hardware | Ideal for mass transit travelers & active lifestyles |Exceptionally comfortable carry options optional shoulder strap | Waterproof

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