Sketches from Yosemite

DAY ONE — We arrive at Curry Village and check in to our (hopefully) hantavirus-free tent.


I sure hope they fumigated this place.


We rode our bikes over to the Ahwahnee Hotel and had a beer there. I thought it was a beautiful hotel until I saw the elevators….


Yikes! I’ve seen these elevators before. I think I’ll take my chances with the hantavirus.


DAY TWO — We begin the hike to Half Dome from Curry Village. The Vernal Fall appears after climbing many steps.


Getting closer. Maybe an hour from the top at this point.


About 800 more feet to go! Great hike. Took about 6 hours to get up there, and four to get back down. Pretty sore after that, so Day Three will be a day of rest.


DAY THREE — In 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt and John…

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