ScotteVest Flex Cargo Pants

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SeV Flex Cargo Pants Take Comfort to a New Level

The function of cargo pants with the great look of casual pants. And there’s more – they have stretch AND a Fiesta Waistband for extra comfort! Even after sitting in an airplane for hours our customers say…

“These are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn…!”

Excellent for travel, work and everyday use our Flex Cargos have a refined look and 10 smartly engineered pockets. The Fiesta Waistband is a subtle addition to these evolved SeV classic pants, and give a little extra flex at the waist without compromising style at all. We combined all of the gadget-carrying functionality SeV is known for with comfortable, breathable, wrinkle resistant style. These are the pants that regular cargo pants aspire to be someday.

The NoBulge™ design and deep pockets keep you looking good while your stuff remains safely inside. We identified problems with typical pants – problems that everyone experiences – and solved them one by one. Wallet in your back pocket causing pain when sitting? We made our back pockets deeper so your wallet doesn’t sit directly under you. Pants can’t keep up with your travel dessert schedule? Fiesta Waistband to the rescue! (two inches of leeway)

Teflon®-treated 97% Cotton/3% Spandex® blend makes these pants stain resistant, moisture wicking and quick-drying. Offered in Bark and Carbon. Machine washable.

  • Incognito cargo pants from SeV – casual and comfy with 10 smartly-engineered pockets
  • Include 3% Spandex for extra comfort on long flights, car rides, or everyday use
  • Teflon®-treated for stain and wrinkle resistance (also quick-drying!)
  • NoBulge™ pockets keep your stuff safe
  • Available in rugged and classic colors: Bark and Carbon
  • Machine Washable

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