ScotteVest Explorer Shirt

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Get the SeV Explorer Shirt, and Start Exploring Your World Today

Explore: [ik-splawr, -splohr]

1. to traverse or range over (a region, area, etc.) for the purpose of discovery: to explore the island.

The rugged good looks, casual style, soft and easy comfort, and sensible versatility make the SeV Explorer perfect for any adventure that comes your way.

The Explorer Shirt is almost a lightweight jacket, making everyday wear or packing for travel that much easier. You can relax, knowing that you won’t have to leave any of your valuables behind, because the 19(!) thoughtfully executed pockets are designed to fit all your essentials.

And true to form for all SeV products, the Weight Management System in the Explorer will rescue you from looking lopsided or lumpy, even with all your pockets in use.

So whether you are blazing through a thicket or relaxing on a deck, your SeV Explorer shirt will feel like home. Go ahead, throw on the SeV Explorer and explore your world in comfort–it’s yours for the taking!

2 Colors: Flax and Mocha 100% soft comfy cotton

Machine washable, Wrinkle resistant and oh so comfortable

  • 2 colors: Flax and Mocha (because while exploring we don’t have to be “loud” about it)
  • 100% soft comfy cotton
  • Exterior chest pockets with hidden double compartment and flap with secure snap
  • Roll sleeves with button tabs
  • Personal Area Network (PAN) keeps your cords tangle free
  • 19 specially engineered pockets including the famous “mad money” and Crossdraw pockets for quick access to your most essential items
  • Wrinkle resistant for wrinkle-free recon
  • Machine Washable

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