ScotteVest Convertible Travel Pants

TEC_SeV-logo_white Originally posted on ScotteVest,com:

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The Convertible Travel Pants are SeV through-and-through: versatile, easy to wear, and highly functional. They are designed for travel, but running errands around town or walking the dog count as travel, too!

The Convertible Travel Pants have 10 pockets, including zippered back pockets for added security and divided deep cargo pockets to keep your things organized. They are 100% Nylon and Teflon-treated for water and stain-resistance. They dry quickly if you need to do a quick wash in the sink on the road.

The inseam of the shorts section varies between 9 3/8″ – 9 3/4″ depending on size.

  • 10 streamlined pockets for your travel essentials
  • 100% Nylon
  • Teflon-Treated
  • Change Stopper
  • Divided Deep Cargo Pockets
  • Magnetic Pocket Closures
  • Offered in Black, Sandstone, and Bering Blue
  • Machine Washable, Dry Quickly

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